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Celebrating 100 years of trailblazing for Scott Bader

Global manufacturer of adhesives, resins, gelcoats & functional polymers, Scott Bader first featured in FreeFlow back in 2012. Their products are used around the world by converters who make finished products for a diverse range of technically demanding industrial markets such as construction, transportation, chemical containment, wind energy, marine, graphic arts & textiles. But Scott Bader’s strength as a business has its roots in a ‘commonwealth’ business model that goes back to their founder’s ideals.

To learn about how this unique business has been celebrating its centenary, and 70 years of being employee owned, FreeFlow talked to Group Marketing Manager, Ben Penney.

Scott Bader was established in London in 1921 when founder Ernest Bader began importing celluloid from Switzerland and Germany, revolutionising the UK paint and coatings industry. By the 1940’s the company had diversified into the polyester products required for the emerging glass fibre reinforced plastics industry. Then, in 1951 Ernest Bader made the monumental decision to gift Scott Bader Company to the newly created Scott Bader Commonwealth Ltd, a charitable trust and enterprise wholly owned and controlled by its employees. It would take another 25 years before it would become the first British company to receive a certificate recognising its employee ownership model, under the 1976 UK Common Ownership Act. In 2014 The Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award was awarded jointly to Ernest’s son Godric Bader, Life President of Scott Bader, and to the Scott Bader Commonwealth for the enlightened business model created by him and his family which, 100 years since the company was founded, continues to serve as a cornerstone of the Scott Bader Group globally.

Learn more about Scott Bader’s very special business model:

100 years of Scott Bader – Celebrating a century of partnering for success

A deeply valued business partner

Sharing a commitment to innovation, customer service excellence and socially responsible sustainable development, Mitsubishi Chemical Methacrylates has huge respect for what the Scott Bader business stands for and sees its long-term relationship as a raw material supplier to the business as hugely valuable.

Looking forward rather than looking back

Whilst Scott Bader took the opportunity this year to commemorate its journey so far, with a visit by The Princess Royal at Scott Bader’s Wollaston headquarters and the commissioning of a commemorative sculpture, of more lasting importance are the major initiatives the company has taken in its centenary year to both protect and reduce its impact on the environment for the future. These initiatives have included donating to the World Land Trust’s (WLT) Buy an Acre Programme for a conservation project in Argentina and committing to the WLT’s Carbon Balanced Programme which requires a binding commitment from the company to reduce its carbon emissions.

Offset of carbon emissions for 2020

As part of their Centenary celebrations and their 2036 vision Scott Bader committed to offsetting:

All direct emissions from activities under the direct control of Scott Bader in 2020

All indirect emissions from electricity, steam heating or cooling purchased and used by Scott Bader in 2020

These offsetting funds for 2020 will be invested in the protection of threatened tropical forests where WLT is working through local project partners to protect biologically important habitats throughout the world. WLT’s Carbon Balanced portfolio currently includes projects in Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Vietnam.

Scott Bader’s environmental initiatives in 2021 are part of the company’s 2036 vision of becoming a fully sustainable business and the impact of this programme are intended to extend well beyond 2021. Centenary time capsules, not to be opened until 2036, have been buried beside trees, originally planted to mark the launch of the companies 2036 vision, at each Scott Bader manufacturing site containing employee aspirations for the future of Scott Bader by 2036.

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