Bringing you into our world through social media

This year has been far from normal. As the impact of COVID-19 grew and grew, businesses everywhere sought ways to stay connected with the outside world while everyone’s been inside.

One way we’ve enjoyed doing that is through social media. In normal times, our activity on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is a real source of pride as we strive to keep you up-to-date with goings-on around our global regions and give you a personal, authentic, “real” window into our world. But, in the toughest months of the pandemic, the great relationships we’ve built with our audience over the last few years made it the perfect place to keep us connected to you, even at our furthest apart.

As a reader of FreeFlow, you might be more familiar with acrylic’s usefulness than most people, but as it took a leading role in a number of applications related to fighting COVID-19, the extent of this caught many by surprise.

The unmissable application has been the clear protective screens installed almost everywhere to help keep germs at bay, but we gave you plenty more to see.

From medical diagnostic devices to protective chambers for COVID-19 patients receiving ventilation, methacrylate-based inks and coatings helping make personal protective equipment possible to the device screens keeping us all connected – it’s been fantastic to see a sense of pride growing on social media among those connected to acrylic and the industry as a whole.

Showing our solidarity

The peak stages of the pandemic were very difficult times. Across our global sites, we wanted to show our solidarity with everyone in uncertain new situations – from those dealing with the sudden transition to working in isolation to everyone on the “front-lines” (be it medical workers or operators keeping plants like ours running) bravely continuing unmoved.

So, our teams around the world helped create videos to keep spirits up and show solidarity with everyone facing strange new situations. These were small but positive gestures which really helped us feel connected with each other and everyone else dealing with their “new normal”…

We want you to join us…

Above all, we want to create content that brings you closer to how we work, takes you “behind the scenes” of our business and teaches you more about the amazing things methacrylates make possible every day.

As we lead acrylic into its exciting new “circular” era, we want to bring you on this journey with us. We’ve got a great, growing community that we’d love you to be a part of. Interested? You can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a taster of some of the comments and conversations we’ve had this year.

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