Acrylic Design Awards

Acrylic Design Awards ’21

The EMEA Acrylic Design Awards competition was originally created to raise awareness and understanding of the potential acrylic offers in meeting the needs of society now and in the future. By stimulating and helping to educate the next generation of acrylic designers, users and consumers, we use this competition to demonstrate our commitment, as an industry leader, to supporting sustainable market development.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Acrylic Design Awards 2021, which will build on the success of the regional based competitions of 2019 and 2020 and expand it across the EMEA region in an online format. The competition will link closely with our circular economy programme (which you can read about on page 09) with the objective to help ‘grow the world of acrylics’ whilst contributing to the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth – a concept we call KAITEKI.

As the industry leaders in highlighting acrylic as an enduring, long-lasting, highperforming, circular/multiple use plastic that challenges the current reputation of single-use (throwaway) plastics, ADA2021 helps us to lead education about the intrinsic properties of acrylic and its role in contributing to a more sustainable future for the world. In doing so, we hope to inspire the designers and material specifiers of tomorrow in a world that is changing even as the competition is running.

ADA2021 will launch across Europe during 2021 and we would love you to get on board. Here are a few ways your company could be a part of this ground-breaking competition…

• Supporting universities in your region with information on MMA or pMMA.
• Attaching your company’s name to the Acrylic Design Awards to join us as true motivators of future, circular acrylic design.
• Advocating for the Acrylic Design Awards by sharing this great industry initiative with your own customers. Contact your Mitsubishi Chemical UK representative to discuss the many ways you can get involved. Watch our social media channels and our website for updates throughout the competition.

We believe that acrylic is the sustainable plastic of choice.

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